Saturday, June 3, 2017

Free Baby Holm Part 6

This beautiful baby has been kidnapped by the State of Alabama which refuses to return the child because they appear to be involved in child trafficking for a variety of reasons.  It could be for making money on foster care or fees for adoption.  It could also be that the State of Alabama is directly involved in child trafficking, supplying babies for Satanic ritual abuse, sexual abuse, and possibly cannibalism.  I've been watching this case since I first heard of it around November or December and what startled me was the complete lack of evidence of any abuse by the mother and the father.  In fact, he was taken from his mother's breast while he was nursing.  If you want to know more about this case, you can view the links below this article.  In addition, this isn't the only case.  I was appalled to see that there are many more parents who have had their children taken for no reasons other than they may be poor, homeless, or have some physical problems.  These problems are never enough to pull a child away from his mother's breast.  But, being government idiots, this is what happened when a lady by the name of Rachael Israel, from the Alabama DHR, took the baby.

The pain that has been inflicted on the mother and the father is unspeakable and this provides plenty of reasons why the government should be abolished.  Nothing is more violent than to take little children away from their mother and father for any reason, with the exception of obvious abuse.  None of that was present in this case.

The judge, Bud Turner, in this case, steamrolled over Christian Holm in the courtroom and proceeded to deny Christian any proper due process nor was there any valid cause of action.  After listening to the recordings of the hearings, all I can say is that this "judge" is a complete wack-job and he is evil to the core.  He even states on Linked-In that he has a degree in divinity.  I guess he forgot that kidnapping is a capital offense and now he is an accessory to it. The case is a perfect example as to why the legal system in this country should also be abolished because they do an extremely bad job.  Christian has been in contact with the Sheriff, the Attorney General of Alabama, and any other public official that would listen.  The AG's office actually called and stated that they did not have any "jurisdiction" to fix the problem.  Well, the last time I looked, the AG would definitely have jurisdiction can they could provide relief to this couple and their child.  But it is all about the money and the power.

The way I see all of this is that we the people are in reality we the niggers.  The word nigger is not limited to just black people or black slaves.  Any race can be niggers.  Part of the definition includes anyone who is economically, socially, or politically disenfranchised.  I use the word nigger because it is strong enough to get the attention that is needed.

I believe that these governments are treating it's children like livestock, whether it is federal or state, the facts show that beautiful little children are treated like niggers and there's no way to stop it other than shutting down the governments.  We would all be better off without them.

Remember, there are only two types of government people: 1. assholes, and 2. assholes-in-training.  We've been under the rule of complete assholes for thousands of years and it doesn't appear to be getting any better.  And the religious leaders are just as bad.  This rotten slave system has its roots in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Hindu.  It was the Jews who were instrumental in saying that all gentiles were nothing more than animals.  Then they helped to establish Christianity which is built on Judaism.  The Bible is just a collection of documents written mostly by Jews with an eye for establishing a complete totalitarian "new world order" where all of the goodness that God created has been wasted on stupid religions which get little to no good results.  Remember, 85% of the Bolsheviks were Jews and it has been the Jews who were involved in slave trading for many years.  Now, they still have the slave-trading but they are hiding it.  You can see how they did some of it in the Bible and in the United States codes.  Since Islam is built upon Judaism, it also is a mess and it is causing a lot of social problems just as the Jews and the Christians.  Religion is the curse upon mankind.

So, as a result of the lack of sound moral principles, I will have to say that until these morals are re-established in our modern society, the kidnapping of children will continue.  This baby Holm must be returned to his mother and father immediately.

Incidently, Danielle Holm, the mother, had three miscarriages before she gave live birth to her son.  I cannot imagine how this woman can endure such traumatic pain.  

They have left the area to attempt to get some attention and resolution in Washington DC with another family with the same problem.  This isn't going to go away.  The new world order freaks really stepped in it this time and they'll eventually get what they deserve.  Everyone who commits evil will always get it back, so it is better to return the children to their rightful mothers and fathers.

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